Mike Cicerone, founder of Massachusetts Analytics,has over 20 years of experience in business and quantitative modeling.

  • Business Experience

    Prior to founding Massachusetts Analytics, Mike enjoyed a 16-year career in structured finance at a global financial institution. For 10 years, Mike ran the firm’s European conduit securitization business, a business he built from the ground up. Mike was responsible for all aspects of the European conduit business including client coverage, transaction structuring, platform management, and managing the risk/return profile of the business. In his 16 years in securitization, Mike gained experience modeling and developing risk analytics for a variety of structured finance products.

  • Quantitative Modeling Experience

    Before entering structured finance, Mike worked in the International Transactions group at the Federal Reserve, focusing on model development and analysis. In August of 1996, Mike was recognized by the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors for exceptional work done on the International Finance Division’s economic forecasting and modeling systems.

  • Broad Base of Quantitative and Modeling Techniques

    Mike recently enhanced his background in quantitative modeling and analysis, obtaining a master’s degree in systems engineering from Boston University. His areas of quantitative study and modeling expertise include operations research, stochastic modeling and simulation, scheduling models, and machine learning/data analysis.

    Mike’s experience working with modeling systems across a wide range of disciplines helps him analyze systems from a variety of perspectives. His diverse experience helps him identify the appropriate analytical approach to complex problems.

    Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Dartmouth College and a master’s degree in engineering from Boston University.

Tony Cowart, Massachusetts Analytics Consultant,draws on decades of experience in international securitization markets.

  • Initial Member of a Global Financial Institution’s Asset Securitization Group

    Tony was an initial member of the Asset Securitization Group of a global financial institution, joining in 1994. In those early years, Tony worked as a jack of all trades and learned the business from the ground up. He developed an uncanny understanding of global markets, which directed his career path toward the issuance of debt used to fund assets purchased through securitization.

  • Decades of Experience in ABCP Markets

    As Director of Securitization Finance, Tony was responsible for the funding of multiple asset- backed securitization conduits funded in the US and Canada. Throughout his 21 years at the firm, he was responsible for pricing these debt instruments to maintain liquidity on a portfolio that at times exceeded US$30 billion of commercial paper outstanding. This required forecasting global macro economic trends, analyzing the effects of those trends, and predicting resulting market trends and economic events. Tony developed strong relationships with investors in this role, which remain intact today.

  • Successfully Navigated the Financial Crisis and its Aftermath

    As banking became increasingly regulated by international, federal, and state mandates, Tony served on the project team that created new debt instruments to maintain the securitization group’s viability. This work demanded the cultivation of a cooperative environment among employees that fostered accuracy and accountability.
    Tony holds bachelor’s degrees in both Financial Management, and Investments & Institutions, which he earned from University of Alabama at Birmingham. He later went on to add a master’s degree from Pace University.

Lynne Lowen, Massachusetts Analytics Consultant,brings extensive financial markets knowledge, experience, and creativity.

  • Financial Markets Knowledge and Creativity

    Prior to joining Massachusetts Analytics Lynne enjoyed a remarkable career in financial services. Throughout her decades long career, Lynne’s creativity and ingenuity have enabled her to help clients overcome seemingly intractable challenges by structuring truly groundbreaking financial markets solutions. Lynne structured the first US Dollar/Yen transaction using a structured vehicle, the first Canadian term market public credit card securitization, and the first oil throughput transaction out of Colombia, amongst others.

  • Business Understanding

    Lynne’s financial markets success is driven by a keen ability to understand her clients’ businesses, and to creatively address their needs. Throughout her career she has covered clients in the consumer products, natural resources, utilities, and financial services industries. She has helped clients to manage assets, achieve more efficient financing, liquify balance sheets and enter new markets.

  • Extensive Financial Markets Experience

    Prior to joining Massachusetts Analytics, Lynne worked at several top Wall Street firms including JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and RBC Capital Markets.

    Lynne holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from the Miami University, Ohio, and an MBA with a concentration in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh.