How We Help Our Clients

Today’s business leaders recognize that learning from data is essential to running a competitive business. Well-designed analytical tools help business by creating clear, forward looking, and practical data-driven insights. Analytics that simply display data or fail to clearly indicate a course of action are of little value. To be truly impactful, analytical tools need to combine the appropriate data science techniques with a business understanding that comes with years of practical experience.

Massachusetts Analytics has helped clients by creating the kind of powerful models and analytical tools that give businesses a better understanding of the world around them and help identify appropriate strategies.

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Recently Delivered Projects

Explore just a few of the ways in which we have recently helped our clients

Sales Opportunity Forecasting

Massachusetts Analytics developed a modeling system to forecast sales opportunities for a variety of financial services products.

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Text Analytics

Massachusetts Analytics developed a bespoke text analytics tool to quantify, score, and analyze thousands of customer feedback comments.

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Relationship Scoring Model

Massachusetts Analytics developed a client relationship scoring model used by financial service providers.

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Quantitative Model Training

Massachusetts Analytics developed user training materials for a complex quantitative simulation model.

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Massachusetts Analytics Can Address Your
Company’s Data Analytics Needs

Retainer Engagements

Minimize expenses and reduce personnel risk by outsourcing quantitative analytics development to Massachusetts Analytics.  A retainer engagement allows the client to arrange for a pre-determined number of hours every month.

Single Product Engagements

Limit exposure to cost overruns by agreeing to project scope and fixing project cost prior to engagement.  Massachusetts Analytics can help your company with individual data analytics projects.