Why Use Massachusetts Analytics?


We don’t separate business knowledge from quantitative expertise. 

Many of the largest consulting firms divide their consultants into “business experts”, “quants”, and “bridges” who attempt to communicate between the other two.  Although this team structure may help the behemoth consulting firms scale their own business, in our experience it doesn’t yield the best results for you, the client.

At Massachusetts Analytics, we ensure that your quantitative solutions are designed by professionals who have both a deep understanding of business and substantial expertise in the appropriate quantitative techniques.


We didn’t learn this in a book.
Massachusetts Analytics consultants have decades of business and quantitative modeling experience. We believe that to truly grasp the intricacies of a business challenge, you need to have lived it.  Our team has decades of experience in financial services building and using quantitative analytical tools like the ones we create to help our clients.


We provide you with the right tool for the job:  Getting a job done well requires the right tools.  That is as true in business as it is for any task.  Unlike many of the largest consulting firms, we won’t try to squeeze you into an “off the shelf” product that we built before we even discussed your business challenges with you.  Just as every business is unique, business challenges tend to be specific to an individual organization. At Massachusetts Analytics we rely on our own experience and quantitative expertise to customize solutions to specifically address your business’ challenge.